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Oklahoma City Prostitution AttorneyProstitution is often referred to as the world’s oldest profession. While many people believe prostitution is immoral, the reality is that there are countries all over the world where prostitution is legal and accepted by society. However, in Oklahoma and across the country, prostitution and solicitation remain serious crimes law enforcement pursues aggressively. In addition to traditional penalties like jail time, probation, and fines, prostitution and solicitation charges can haunt an individual for the rest of his or her life. These charges can greatly harm an individual’s reputation, cause strain on an individual’s relationships, and ostracize offenders from communities. We will stand by your side and resolve your prostitution and solicitation charges. We can mitigate the damage these charges will have on your life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our Oklahoma City prostitution attorney to see how we can help.

Prostitution and Solicitation In Oklahoma

Under state law, prostitution is defined as sexual intercourse or any sex act with an individual in exchange for money or anything of value. This sex act must be performed with an individual that is not a spouse. It is also illegal to arrange for the act of prostitution, solicit prostitution, remain in a location for the purpose of engaging in prostitution, or help others commit prostitution. In Oklahoma, those engaging in prostitution and those soliciting prostitution face the same penalties. First time offenders can expect between one month and one year in jail and up to a $2,500 fine. Additional convictions will lead to higher fines up to $7,500. If the criminal act occurs near a school or church, or if an individual knowingly infected with HIV or AIDS engages in prostitution, the penalties for prostitution and solicitation will be more severe. In these circumstances, penalties can include up to five year in prison.

Human Trafficking and Child Prostitution

While some prostitutes engage in criminal acts willingly, there are some instances when individuals are forced or coerced into prostitution. Individuals charged with human trafficking or soliciting child prostitutes face very severe penalties. Oklahoma law assumes children engaging in prostitution are doing so under the threat of violence, and are therefore human trafficking victims. Soliciting sex and/or engaging in sex acts with a minor are felonies punishable by up to ten years in prison. Individuals that engage in human trafficking also face felony charges with potential lengthy prison sentences and thousands of dollars in fines.


Pandering, often referred to as “pimping,” occurs when an individual procures or facilitates prostitution. Pandering or pimping can also include threats of violence and is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and $9,000 in fines. Pandering crimes can also include running and obtaining prostitution houses. Prosecutors must prove an individual charged with pandering is in fact acting as a pimp.

Online Prostitution

While most people think of prostitutes as hanging out on street corners, prostitution is now also occurring online. Just because the meeting doesn’t occur in person doesn’t mean it is any less serious of an offense. Certain websites like Backpage allow users to list “services” and connect with individuals looking for these services; however, law enforcement officials are using these websites to trap individuals and arrest them for prostitution and/or solicitation.

Why Choose Taylor McLawhorn?

No client gets lost in the shuffle. We pride ourselves on working very closely with each client to understand their situation and determine the best course of action for their case. When you work with Taylor McLawhorn, he is not just a name on paper or a person sitting next to you in court. He is your advocate, and he will work tirelessly to defend your rights at each stage of the litigation. If you have been charged with or if you suspect you are being investigated for prostitution, solicitation, human trafficking, pandering or pimping, or any other type of sex crime, contact us immediately.

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